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Aurora Suite includes the Aurora Systems Online Services (ASOS) secure purchasing system. This system allows users to quickly, easily and securely purchase an Aurora Systems product through their internet connection. Once you make a purchase, the purchased product's serial number will operate in All-Day Demo mode. As soon as payment has been processed, your product will become available for activation, often long before the software could show up by regular shipping.

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Reseller Tip: If you are a reseller, you can obtain a reseller ID from Aurora Systems so that when you are at a customer's location and they decide to buy, you can install the software from your demo CD, and then purchase and activate the software for full operation while the customer watches. Once your order is submitted the user will get full access to the software they've chosen to buy without having to wait for order processing, and the software and manual can be shipped directly to the customer with the invoice going straight to the reseller with no additional paperwork.

Note: There may be times when ASOS is not available due to network outages, system maintenance, or other unforseen circumstances. If this is the case when you try, please try again later.


Aurora's online purchasing is secured by industry standard 1024-bit RSA encryption. All information entered in the purchasing system is encrypted during transit to Aurora Systems servers, rendering it unreadable to anyone trying to intercept the information. We take extra steps to protect your credit card information, ensuring it is always encrypted from the time you submit your order, even after it has been transmitted to Aurora Systems servers. The lock icon shown below is your indication that the information you are entering will be transmitted securely to Aurora Systems via the internet.

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Your Privacy

Aurora Systems respects your privacy. We have a corporate privacy policy that explains what information we collect and what we use it for. If you are connected to the internet, you can click on Your Privacy to view our privacy policy.

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