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Globe Flexible support for multiple languages was a key design element of Aurora Suite. This section discusses existing support for individual languages and provides specific information and examples to help individuals translate some or all of the software. Additional support for specific languages will be added as translations can be arranged.

UNICODE and International Characters

Aurora supports entering characters using Alt+Numpad and typing in the character's decimal code with the Numeric Pad keys. You can get the decimal codes of characters you wish to type by using Windows Character Map tool. This can be found by clicking on Start|All Programs|Accessories|System Tools.

To type international characters:

Note: In Microsoft Word, the NumLock key must be on for this to work.

Note: WordPad incorrectly processes Alt+<xxx> as if it was Alt+<0xxx>.

Aurora currently does not support the Alt-X feature of Wordpad and Microsoft Word for converting hex values to UNICODE characters.


The Aurora Suite software is designed to be able to be translated by end-users and overseas distributors with only minimal assistance from Aurora Systems. The application supports both ANSI ASCII and UNICODE (little-endian) character sets, all language-specific files are user-accessible, speech synthesizer drivers are implemented as executable plugins, and there is a speech synthesizer toolkit that will allow overseas developers to add their own language speech synthesizers to Aurora Suite if they are not already supported by the SAPI drivers.

You Can Help

If you would like to help other Aurora users and you have a gift for a language that isn't supported by Aurora, we have made it is easy to translate Aurora's user interface to other languages. If you send us the messages.txt file for a new language, we will make it available to other Aurora Suite users. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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