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Troubleshooting Speech

If you have problems with speech output in Aurora, there are a number of common problems described below with solutions.

No Speech Output

If you have a sound card, and the volume setting for WAV audio is turned up, and the speakers are working, select a Voice Driver from the list in Voice Options and see if the Test button works afterwards. If it doesn't try another voice driver until you find one that works.

Crackling or Halting Speech

If you are using a Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) synthesizer, you may experience static or halting speech. If this occurs, go into the Voice Options dialog and click on the Voice Setup button and adjust the Speed setting downwards. This symptom occurs when the speech synthesizer requires more computer horsepower than you have.

Aurora Suite Takes Forever to Start

Often long delays starting Aurora Suite are caused by the Microsoft Speech API Version 4 (SAPI) driver. If you are not using a SAPI 4 speech synthesizer you can get rid of this delay by renaming or deleting the file PCV_SAPI4.DLL from your \Program Files\Aurora Suite 2005 directory.

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