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Talk Menu

The Aurora Talk menus allow you mouse access to most program features. The menus are discussed below. There are also shortcut keys for many menu features. These are accessed by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing a letter. These shortcut keys are listed next to the menu items.


New (Ctrl-W)

Create a new conversation and give it a name. You can create at most 25 conversations before you will have to delete one to make room. This option is grayed if you have already created 25 conversations.

Open (Ctrl-O)

Open a conversation that you have closed previously for use. This option is grayed if you do not have any closed conversations.


Close a conversation to remove it from the Select list if you aren't going to need it for a while. This option will not do anything if you have only one open conversation.


Delete a conversation you have created. This option is grayed if you only have one conversation created.

Stop Speaking

Tells the speech synthesizer to stop speaking whatever is currently being spoken.

Exit (Ctrl-X)

Exit Aurora Talk and save all conversations (if Save History checkbox is checked in Talk Options.)


Copy (Ctrl-Ins)

Copy the marked text to the clipboard. If no text is marked, this option is grayed.

Paste (Shift-Ins)

Paste the contents of the clipboard into the Talk window at the current cursor position. If there is more than one sentence in the clipboard, the clipboard data will be split up, one sentence per line in Talk. If the clipboard is empty, this option is grayed.

Cut (Shift-Del)

Copy the marked text to the clipboard and delete it from the Talk window. If no text is marked, this option is grayed.

Insert (Ins)

Toggle insert/overwrite mode in the Talk window.

Delete (Del)

Delete the character at the caret, or the marked block.

Select All (Ctrl-L)

Select all the text in the current conversation.

Find (Ctrl-F)

Find a word or string in the current conversation starting at the first line of the conversation.

Find Next (Ctrl-A)

Find the word or string that was last searched for again. This can be used to find a word if it exists several times throughout a conversation.


Talk Options...

Open the Aurora Talk Options dialog to set the features of Aurora Talk.

Voice Options...

Open the Aurora Voice Options dialog to set the features for voice output in any Aurora program.

Window Options...

Open the Window Options dialog to specify what Aurora Suite windows should open when Aurora Suite starts.

Feature Options...

Open the Feature Options dialog to customize what Aurora Suite features are available to the user.

Change Language...

Open the Language Selection dialog to change the language used by the application user interface including dialogs and menus.


Next (Ctrl-N)

Switch to the next open conversation.

Previous (Ctrl-P)

Switch to the previous open conversation.

Select (Ctrl-S)

Switch to an open conversation by selecting from a list of all open conversations.

Show Predict...

Open the Prediction window if it is closed.

Show Echo...

Open Echo if it is closed.


Help Contents (Ctrl-H)

Open the online help.

Registration Info...

Show the current registration status.

Buy Online...

Open Aurora's builtin online store to purchase your own copy of Aurora Suite and support Aurora Systems development of affordable, effective solutions for people with special needs.


Display the Aurora Suite version number and copyright information.

Find Word

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