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Talk Options

Talk Options

History Lines

History lines specifies how many phrases Talk maintains in its history buffer. If you have history lines set to 10, when you add phrase number 11, the first phrase after the permanent lines is automatically deleted so that only ten phrases are available and saved when you quit Talk. History lines must be between 10 and 1000 and 3 more than Permanent lines or you will not be able to leave this dialog.

Permanent Lines

Talk can preserve a set number of phrases at the top of the phrase history buffer so that they never get deleted. This is useful if you have phrases that you say regularly that you do not want deleted when you add a new phrase and the history buffer is full. Permanent lines must be 3 less than History lines or you will not be able to leave this dialog. All Permanent lines may be deleted by pressing Shift-F2.

Save History

Talk automatically saves what you have typed previously in a file called TALK.PHR in your \Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\Aurora Suite 2005 directory. If this checkbox is not checked, when you start Talk, previous phrases will not be loaded into the Talk window for you.

Choose Font

Choose Font allows you to select the font that is displayed in the Talk window. If you want to change the font used in Talk's dialog boxes and menus, you will have to change the fonts used by Windows. This setting may be in control panel, however many video cards have a separate utility program that lets you set Windows' font size.

Function Key Phrases

See Function Key Phrases below for more information.

Show Function Keys Help

If Show Function Keys Help is checked Aurora Talk will list the phrases assigned to function keys at the top of the Talk window for easy reference.

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