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The Talk window allows you to add, change, delete and speak phrases. Each phrase is contained on a single line although partial or multiple phrases can be selected to be spoken at one time using the keyboard or mouse.

Speaking Phrases

To speak a phrase, move the cursor to the line containing the phrase using either the keyboard or mouse, and press Enter. You can also double click on a phrase to speak it.

Combining Phrases

You can highlight multiple phrases, or parts of phrases using the mouse, or by holding down the shift key while pressing the arrow keys. When the entire combined phrase you want to speak is highlighted, press the Enter key to speak it.

Function Keys

You can assign the most common phrases you speak to function keys so that all you have to do say any of those preprogrammed phrases is to press a function key.

Stopping Speech

If you speak something and then change your mind, you can stop the speaking by choosing Stop Speaking from the menu.


Any passage you select can also be copied to the clipboard or deleted by pressing Del. If you paste text from a word processor, email or web page, into Talk, each sentence will be made into a separate phrase, one per line. This allows you to easily import presentations and control the speed of you talk on a per-sentence basis.


Talk Options allows you to specify the number of History lines each conversation should maintain. Each new phrase you type at the end of a conversation counts as one towards that total. When a conversation has that many phrases, any new phrases you add will cause a phrase to be removed from the top of the conversation, thus maintaining a constant size for your conversations. If you prefer to have some phrases kept forever, you can increase the Permanent Lines setting so that rather than the top line being removed, the first line after the number of Permanent Lines you've selected will be removed and the Permanent Lines will remain.


Conversations are much like documents in other applications, they can be Closed, Opened and even Deleted. A very fast way to switch between open conversations is to use the F11 and F12 keys.

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