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What is Talk

Aurora Talk provides the ability to "Type and Talk," do public speaking or carry on a conversation at home, school or work. It is simple to operate, just type what you want to say, and press the Enter key to have it spoken.

Aurora Talk


Talk provides the ability to have multiple conversations, so that you can have one set of phrases for at home, one for school, one for work and so on. And you can switch between them quickly.


Talk keeps the phrases you type for as long as you need, so you can arrow up to repeat any phrase you've spoken before without having to retype it. You can even make phrases permanent so they are kept forever rather than scrolling off the top of the conversation.

Function Key Phrases

Talk allows you to assign frequently used phrases like "yes," "no," and "thank you" to function keys for speech at the press of a key.

Public Speaking

If you need to do public speaking, Talk is a great tool. You can import pre-written presentations, answer questions and more, easily.

And More...

We recommend you read through the following sections to find more about Aurora Talk.

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