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When Aurora Suite starts, if it is not Activated, you will be presented with the Welcome screen.

Select Conversation

Enter Serial Number and Activate Software

If you have already purchased Aurora Suite and have your 12 digit serial number ready, press Enter Serial Number and Activate Software to enter it and activate the software for full operation.

Buy Now

If you are ready to buy your own copy of Aurora Suite, and want to purchase it instantly and securely over the internet, press the Buy Now button.

With Buy Now, you can get access to Aurora Suite while you wait for your CD and Manual to arrive, or you can save a few dollars and purchase Aurora Suite without the CD and Manual.

Tip: Your Aurora Reseller can use Buy Now to instantly purchase and receive a fully activated serial number for Aurora Suite, you don't have to wait for order processing or your software to arrive in the mail.


If you are new to Aurora Suite, choose Demonstration to give Aurora Suite a try for yourself.

Exit Aurora Suite

You can choose Exit Aurora Suite to return to Windows and end Aurora Suite.

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