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What is Echo

Aurora Echo provides audible feedback as you type and is designed to help writers catch when they make errors. It provides both services while you work, and a toolbar full of assistive choices.

Aurora Echo Toolbar

Keyboard Echo

Echo's Keyboard echoing features read back to you as you type. It can read back each keystroke, words, partial words, sentences, paragraphs or anything you copy to the clipboard. If users find constant reading distracting, Echo can also read every so many words so you still get feedback, but it is not constant.

Reading Tools

The Echo Toolbar shown above offers a number of handy reading tools. It can read text you mark in your word processor, email or web browser, it can read menus, dialogs and buttons in all your favourite applications. As you type, you can have it read back your word, sentence, or paragraph so far as well as anything that is in the Windows clipboard.

Run-On Sentence Monitoring

If you forget to use periods, or tend to use too many commas to string together sentence fragments, this is the feature for you. If you put too many commas, or too many words in a single sentence, it speaks a warning aloud to remind you.

Punctuation Monitoring

If you put together a sentence that starts in who, what, where, when, why or how, and you don't end it in a question mark, Echo will speak aloud to let you know so you are sure that is what you meant.

And More...

We recommend you read through the following sections to find more about Aurora Echo.

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