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Add/Edit Word

The Add/Edit Word dialog box allows you to change or add a word or macro to the prediction dictionary while in the Edit Dictionary window.

Edit Word

Word/Macro code

Enter the word you want to add to the dictionary, or the code for a macro you want to add. If you are editing a word, you can change its text here. Macros must be two or more letters. To expand them in your documents, type the macro code followed by a space.


Press the top Read button to read the word in the Word/Macro code box. Press the bottom Read button to read the text in the Macro value box.

Grammatical Type

This information is used by Prediction to apply grammatical rules to the words in the prediction window. Words default to "None" which means that the word is not to have grammatical rules applied to it.

Adult Vocabulary Word

If the Adult Content checkbox in the Prediction Options dialog is checked, you cannot edit words that have been marked as adult vocabulary words. These words appear as asterisks (*****) in the dictionary editor window. You can automatically remove adult vocabulary using Dictionary Optimization. You can also read more in the section Adult Content.

Word Completion Priority

This number ranges from 0 to 65530. Words with higher priority values will be presented by the Prediction system sooner than words with lower priority values. Words with a priority of 0 are considered "unused" by Aurora Prediction and may be removed by checking one of the Automatic Deletion Options checkboxes in the Optimize Dictionary dialog.

This dialog box will not close if you have entered an invalid priority value.

Choose Type of Macro or Word Information to Add, Edit or Delete

You can make the word you entered a macro, or associcate extra information like a definition, example or note with it using this drop box. Choose the type of extra information you wish to add here. Entries that already have information in them will have an asterisk * before them.


Once you have selected the type of macro or word information you can delete the data for that selection by clicking on the Delete button.

Enter Value for Selected Macro or Word Information Type

Once you have selected the type of macro or word information you can enter the information or macro expansion here.

Click on Ok so save changes, or Cancel to leave without saving changes to the word.

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