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Prediction Performance

Several options can greatly improve the performance of the Prediction program. These options and their associated tradeoffs are discussed briefly below.

Dictionary Optimization is recommended if you find that your dictionary is slow during prediction, or when you are editing, and you have been using the same dictionary for a long period. Over time as new words are added to a dictionary, it is possible for the dictionary to become fragmented so that it can no longer make optimal use of the available cache memory.

Increasing Cache Memory is recommended if you find your dictionary performance slow even after dictionary optimization. Note that increasing cache memory may affect the performance of other applications. If you increase the amount of cache memory over the size the dictionary is optimized for, we recommend you optimize the dictionary for the new cache size.

Use an Uncompressed Dictionary. Compressed dictionaries are slower than uncompressed dictionaries, this can make a significant difference to the performance of Aurora Prediction on slower computers without enough memory to cache the entire dictionary. Note that uncompressed dictionaries use roughly double the amount of disk space than their compressed equivalents. The standard dictionaries shipped with Prediction are not compressed.

Set the Learning Options to Don't Learn so that new words are no longer added and words' priorities no longer change. Much of the time taken after selecting a word from the prediction window is used up adjusting words' priorities.

Set the Show Phonetically Similar Words option on the Dictionary tab Off so that Aurora Prediction doesn't have to search for phonetically similar words. Much of the time taken when typing is spent searching for phonetically similar words.

If you are not using too large a dictionary, Cache the Entire Dictionary. This will put the entire dictionary file in memory for maximum performance.

Use a smaller dictionary. Several dictionaries are provided with Prediction, smaller ones require less cache memory and will generally perform better than larger ones.

Tip: We do not recommend using smaller dictionaries if you are using the spell checking features.

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