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Prediction Strategies

Aurora Suite's Prediction system can be used most effectively if you use a few simple strategies which take best advantage of its features.

Remember your Phrases

Aurora Prediction's multiple word prediction feature is designed to maximize the speed of typing input. The way it does that is by offering you longer phrases for selection in the prediction window. In time, the phrases you use often will start to be offered earlier, but until that time, you can often get a phrase you know Prediction has learned by typing one or two more characters of the first word of the phrase after that word appears alone in the prediction window. If you type the whole first word and still don't see the phrase you want, don't worry, the phrase you are looking for probably just hasn't been typed as many times as the other options in the prediction window so it doesn't show up.

Building Longer Phrases

If you don't use two-word phrases, Prediction will never learn longer ones. If "I want" has been learned, you need to select it and "to" to build the phrase "I want to".

Getting Words Spelled Right

With the larger dictionaries, nearly any word you might want to spell should already be in the dictionary. If you do not see the word you are spelling, you may be making a spelling mistake. If you think that might be the case, spell the word out the way you think it is spelled, and if Phonetic Spelling doesn't offer the word you are typing before you press the space at the end of the word and you don't have Spell Check as you Type on, stop! Don't press that space. You might want to check that you have spelled the word correctly before you press the space and Prediction learns the new word.

If you have Spell Check as you Type on, you will not have this problem.

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