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Adult Content

Warning: There may be words contained in Aurora for Windows' dictionary files that some users find offensive. Rather than censoring our dictionary files, we have made a best effort to hide these words from our younger or more sensitive users with our Show Adult Words feature. Unfortunately, what is considered "offensive" varies widely over individuals and we may simply have missed some "adult" words. If you find words you find offensive in our dictionaries that are not marked as "adult," we sincerely apologize, and please be sure to let us know so we can make sure they are marked as adult content in future releases.

Aurora Prediction's Show Adult Words feature is designed to make the use of Aurora Prediction easier for parents of younger users, or in a school setting. Aurora Prediction's vocabulary contains many words that are generally considered "adult." Rather than censoring these words, Aurora Systems has made a best effort to mark any "adult" words so that they will not be shown to users unless specifically enabled by checking the Show Adult Words checkbox in the Dictionary tab of the Prediction Options dialog, and so that they can be easily removed from the dictionary using Dictionary Optimization.

If the Show Adult Words checkbox on the Dictionary tab of the Prediction Options dialog is not checked, words marked as "adult" content will not show up in the prediction window, and will show as asterisks (*****) in the dictionary editor. You also will not be able to edit "adult" content words in the dictionary editor.

If You Find Adult Words We Have Missed

If you find words that you consider "adult" that we have not already marked, you can mark them yourself by editing the words in the Dictionary Editor and checking the word's "Adult Vocabulary Word" checkbox. We would be interested in hearing about any words we have missed.

Removing Adult Content Words from the Dictionary

You can remove all words marked as "adult" content from the dictionary by choosing Optimize Dictionary... from the Aurora Prediction menu, checking the Delete Words Marked as Adult Content checkbox, then clicking on the Start button at the bottom of the Optimize Dictionary dialog. This may take a few hours. Please see Optimizing a Dictionary before starting. Note that this must be done for each dictionary file individually, it cannot be done for all dictionaries all at once.

Displaying Adult Content Words

If you wish to have full access to words that are "adult" content, check the Show Adult Words checkbox in the Dictionary tab of the Prediction Options dialog.

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