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For Communication

Aurora Prediction helps speed typing input or allows you to type longer without tiring by attempting to guess what you are typing and allowing you to complete a word or phrase by pressing the number next to the word or phrase in the prediction window or by clicking on it with the mouse. You can improve your results with Aurora Prediction by using the strategies discussed in Strategies for using Prediction.

Effective Word Prediction

Aurora Prediction contains one of the most effective next word prediction and word completion algorithms ever developed. That means you can type faster or longer than you could with help from other word prediction programs.

Multiple-Word Prediction

Once you have typed "my name is" a few times, you may notice that the phrase "my name is" appears in the prediction window after you have typed "my". You can then pick the phrase for a savings of 8 keystrokes. This also will learn people's names and other handy phrases as you use them. You can also program your own phrases if having prediction learn them isn't fast enough. Multiple word phrases have the added benefit that you don't have to remember macro codes any more.

It Learns Your Writing Style

As you use Aurora Prediction, it learns your personal writing style, so the more you use it, the more effective word guessing, prediction and multiple-word prediction will get. To make sure that it is effective right out of the box, we have trained our dictionaries on several master works of the English language.

AutoPunctuation, AutoCapitalization and AutoSpacing

Aurora Prediction saves you keystrokes by putting the right number of spaces after punctuation, putting a space after a word you choose from the prediction window, and automatically capitalizing the first word of a new sentence for you.


Aurora Prediction also supports preprogrammed text, speech and WAV (sound effect) macros that can be used for Logical Letter Coding schemes and are automatically expanded when you hit the space bar. There are three types of macros: text, speech, and WAV file. Text macros are typed into the application you typed the macro code into. Speech macros are spoken. WAV macros play the WAV file you name.

Grammatical Rules

Grammatical Rules can be used to make sure that Aurora Prediction doesn't make grammatically incorrect suggestions. Since English is such a complicated language and is impossible to completely define with a limited set of rules, we recommend Grammatical Rules be left off as our statistical algorithms have been shown to be less subject to error in informal testing.

Talking Spellchecker

Aurora Prediction helps improve writing with a talking spellchecker that can work as you type to mark or correct words, or help you correct your entire text after you are finished. Advanced phonetic and rule based spell matching make sure the spellchecker makes the right suggestions.

Error Logging

You can log your spelling errors for later analysis. You can even convert your spelling errors into automatic spelling corrections automatically using the Log Spelling Errors feature.

Automatic Spelling Correction

Automatic correction of commonly misspelled words fixes common mistakes without help from the writer. You can even convert your spelling errors into automatic corrections automatically using the Log Spelling Errors feature.

You can find out more of what it does in the What Does it Do? section.

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